2022 Pitcairn Islands Platinum Jubilee Stamps Full Sheet Set


A chance to own all four stamps issued by Pitcairn Islands celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum in sheet form, comprising a total of 40 stamps of each value..

In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, each stamp features a portrait of the Queen at previous landmark anniversaries; her accession, Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee.

The stamp sheets give the discerning collector access to all the printer’s marks and any additional information on the selvedges.



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$1 Features The Queen as a young woman at the start of her reign, wearing the Queen Mary Fringe tiara.

$1.80 Features The Queen in 1977, the year of her Silver Jubilee looking forwards, wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara crown.

$2.80 Features The Queen in 2002, the year of her Golden Jubilee, slightly looking over her shoulder to the left, she is regaled in jewels and wearing the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara.

$3.80 Features The Queen in 2012, her Diamond Jubilee year, looking to the right, smiling, wearing the Burmese Ruby tiara and jewels.

Stamp specifications

First day of issue 21.4.2022

Stamp format Portrait

Stamp size 30mm x 40mm

Artist Diane Fawcett

Design Pixel8

Printer Southern Colour Print

Print process Lithography

Perforations 13.33 x 13

Phosphor Bars as appropriate