The Tower Mint Ltd is one of the UK’s leading private mints and last remaining mint in London

2017 Isle of Man Christmas £5 Coin

issued by: Isle of Man Government

Diameter: 32mm | Denomination: Five Pounds | Quality: BU (Bright Uncirculated) | Weight: 11.07gr | Metal: Base Metal

Reverse Design: The reverse depicts a Dove (the symbol of peace) with its wings stretched across the face of the design. Presented between the six o’clock and nine o’clock position includes a Christmas wreath while the prominent inscription encircling the design reads ‘NOLLICK GHENNAL’ which is Manx for ‘Happy Christmas’. Encircling the outer edge of the design includes the Manx inscription ‘SHEE DY ROW ER Y THALLOO’ which translates to ‘peace on earth’.