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The Duke of Edinburgh 70 Years of Service Commemorative

issued by: Isle of Man Government

Diameter: 38.6mm | Weight: Various | Metal: Gold (piedfort) Silver (piedfort)

On the 4th May 2017 Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh would be retiring from public duty in the autumn of 2017. The announcement marks a historic milestone in Royal history and that of the public career of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. Since 1947 H.R.H. Prince Philip has dedicated his support to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and country having undertaken 22,191 solo engagements and given 5,493 speeches in almost seven decades as H.M. Queen Elizabeth II strength and stay.

Reverse Design: The design celebrates the 70-year service of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh to Queen and country by depicting a symbolically royal design. Featured in the centre of the design depicts a plume of five ostrich feathers referencing the five feathers that feature within the Duke of Edinburgh’s personal coat of arms. The feathers symbolically represent ‘truth and order’ and is derived from Ancient mythology. Set in the foreground upon the feathers is the Duke of Edinburgh’s monogram. Encircling the design reads the inscription “70 YEARS OF SERVICE THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH”.