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In Memory of the Fallen – Lone Soldier

issued by: The Government of Gibraltar

Denominations: Double Crown | Metal: 9 Carat Gold | Year: 2017 | Quality: Proof | Diameter: 26mm | Weight: 10gr

The First World War was the first major global conflict, it was also a period where Britain faced losses of over a million men as a direct result of the war. The World War One Centenary Lone Soldier Gold Double Crown is not only a commemoration to the war itself, but also to the bravery and the sacrifice of the British Soldiers during the war. Struck to the highest proof quality, the coin depicts a lone soldier facing downwards at his rifle while being surrounded by the inscription “He died for freedom and glory 1914-1918”. This inscription was inspired by the First World War Memorial Plaques which were issued at the end of the war to the next of kin of all British Empire service personnel who were killed as a result of the war.