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The Viking Coin Collection – The Yggdrasil Tree

issued by: The Isle of Man Government

Denominations: Ten Pounds | Metal: 999/1000 AU | Quality: Proof | Diameter: 26mm

The Viking collection is a coin programme sharing elements of Viking history that demonstrate far more than just the barbarian image for which they are known. The collection includes reference to religious elements through the Holy Yggdrasil Tree as well as the formation of an early legal system represented through an assembly on Tynwald Hill.

The reverse design depicts the Yggdrasil tree, an immense ash tree at the centre of the cosmos and considered very Holy. The branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens represented by three roots that extend far away into different locations. One to the well Urðarbrunnr in the heavens, one to the spring Hvergelmir, and another to the well Mímisbrunnr which supports the tree. Creatures live within Yggdrasil, including the dragon Níðhöggr, an unnamed eagle, and the stags Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór.