About Us

The last remaining mint in London upholding the traditions and craftmanship of proof coin and medal minting servicing the global numismatic industry.

The Tower Mint was founded in 1976 by acclaimed sculptor Raphael Maklouf (famous for his effigy of Queen Elizabeth II featured on many Commonwealth coins between 1985 to 1997) and has become one of the leading private mints in the UK and the last remaining mint in London.

Since our inception in 1976 we have built decades of experience and a strong lasting reputation for minting high quality coins and medals using a unique combination of precision proof and high-volume minting capabilities. Located in Camberwell, South London we offer state of the art production machinery and an in-house team of master craftsmen.

Our team includes sculptors, die makers, polishers and minting experts with a combined experience of over 200 years. Our vision combines the dedicated attention to detail of a master craftsman while maintaining high-volume minting capabilities.

On the 1st April 2017 Tower Mint was selected through official Government tender to officially strike the circulating and commemorative coins for the Isle of Man Treasury. As the official striking mint, Tower Mint, alongside its marketing partner ‘The Westminster Collection’ offers both circulating and commemorative coins in both base metal and precious metal. Tower Mint has become increasingly prominent in not just the numismatic industry but also the retail and tourism industry, supplying commemorative medals to some of the most prestigious and well known historical sites across the country. This expansive list of names includes the British Museum, English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces and Royal Collections to name but a few.

With over 40 years of experience Tower Mint continues to grow expanding its portfolio as the striking mint for Governments and world leading marketing companies.