Got a Question you ask Frequently?

Our Opening Hours...

Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Are we in London?

Yes! We are in London, and we are the last remaining mint in the capital.

What does Tower Mint Produce?

Tower Mint produces Coins, Medals, and we also produce Chocolate Coins through Heritage Chocolates.

Where can I buy Isle of Man coins?

Isle of Man circulating coin packs can be purchased directly from the Isle of Man Post Office. For all commemorative coins please visit here.

Where can I buy Gibraltar coins?

Government of Gibraltar circulating coin packs can be purchased directly from the central bank of Gibraltar. For all commemorative coins please visit here.

Where can I buy Fiji coins?

Government of Fiji coins can be purchased directly from the central Reserve Bank of Fiji. For all commemorative coins please visit here.

Where can I buy Pitcairn coins?

We will be announcing details shortly…

Where can I buy Pitcairn stamps?

The last 18 months has been an unprecedented time, with the worldwide pandemic affecting us all in some form or other. We have all had to adapt to this ‘new normal’.

News first circulated that Tower Mint would be managing the stamps and coins of the Pitcairn Islands back in September 2020, however due to the pandemic it was not until Spring 2021 that the agreement was finalised.

Subsequently it has been not possible to release a full commemorative stamp programme for 2021, however we are very excited to announce that there are plans for two new stamp issues this year. Full details will be announced in due course.

Furthermore, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time and can assure you that next year will see a full stamp programme with new and exciting themes…

Can you value my coins?

We cannot value or give market prices for coins, if you have any enquiries related to coin value, please contact auction houses or specialists.

Can I buy coins from Tower Mint?

Tower Mint are an official mint to global marketing companies and Government organisations. For unique customer coins orders please refer to one of Tower Mints official marketing partners, for all business-related enquiries please submit your message via one of our communication methods outlined.

Can I sell coins to Tower Mint?

Tower Mint do not buy coins from the secondary market. Please seek assistance from a secondary market purchasing company for this request.

Are you the Royal Mint?

In short, no. Tower Mint is an independent Private Limited company and in no way associated with the Royal Mint.

Royal Collection Trust

Royal Collection Trust have been a customer of Tower Mints for over 15 years together developing medallions for the retail and tourism sector. We can always trust that the team at Tower Mint offer the very best product quality at an affordable price and within our product development windows. We would like to thank everyone at Tower Mint for their support over the years and thank them for their service.

The London Mint Office

The London Mint Office have been working with Tower Mint ltd for over five years developing bespoke commemorative coin and medal projects. In this time they have minted hundreds of new issues and the product quality and service level provided are unbeatable

Daniel Penney – Group Design Director

The Westminster Collection

The Westminster Collection specialise in the retailing of circulating and commemorative coin issues. We have worked with Tower Mint Ltd for over ten years, we are hugely appreciative of the service they provide ensuring smooth project development from idea to delivery.