2023 Early Postcards of Pitcairn Island Stamps Presentation Pack


An informative presentation pack featuring the first Pitcairn Islands stamps of 2023 and the very first to feature the new King’s cypher.

The images in this set of stamps are taken from old postcards of Pitcairn Island. The six stamps show various images, offering a glimpse into island life as it was back in the 1920s.

Sending postcards may now have fallen out of fashion, but in the early 20th century it was still very popular. At that time, when travel was only really available to the upper classes, these images could be seen around the world, and in a time before the internet, emails and text messages, postcards were not only a way of keeping in touch, but also offered the recipient a chance to see scenes or places they could only ever imagine visiting. The images featured on these stamps seem like a time capsule and a reminder of how life once was.

The photographs first appeared on postcards in the 1920s. On the photo side, they featured a brief description of the subject together with the initials HGK.

This pack contains information about the man who took these photos – Henry George Keyse.

Deliveries will not commence until after the first day of issue –  27th March.

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$1 Photograph of Pitcairn Island taken from the sea.

$1 Photograph of the old church on Pitcairn Island.

$2.80 Photograph of two houses from the road on Pitcairn Island.

$2.80 Photograph featuring a group of islanders on Main Road.

$3.80 Photograph of a view out to sea and the SS Remuera just off the coast.

$3.80 Photograph of Pitcairners in one of the island boats, coming to trade with passengers on the SS Remuera.

Stamp specifications

First day of issue 27.3.2023

Stamp format Landscape

Stamp size 38.50mm x 30mm

Design Pixel8

Printer Breber Print

Print process Lithographic offset

Perforations 13.33 x 13.60

Paper Arconvert Securpost Premium Gummed 110gsm


A special thanks

Tower Mint would like to thank David Ransom for his help with this issue. David has spent many years researching and discovering the identity of HGK and has written about him on his website.  More information can be found here.

David’s book Pitcairn Island via the Panama Canal in the 1920s is available from Amazon, click here for more information.

Additional information

Weight 28 g