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The Official Merchant Navy Battle of the Atlantic Sovereign

issued by: The Government of Gibraltar

Metal: Gold AU 916/1000 | Year: 2016 | Quality: Proof | Diameter: Various | Weight: Various

Denominations: Quarter Sovereign, Half Sovereign, Full Sovereign, Two Sovereign, Five Sovereign

The Merchant Navy is often referred to as the ‘Fourth Service’, but it has also become the forgotten service, with the huge contribution of the merchant fleet during the war too often overlooked and undervalued. The thousands of merchant seafarers who made up the ‘Fourth Service’ during the war are our ‘unsung heroes’ – their heroism and the sacrifices largely unreported and uncelebrated. Struck to Proof quality, in 22 carat Gold, this set of four gold coins is minted in honour and remembrance of all those who served in Britain’s Merchant Navy during the war years. Comprising the full family of gold sovereigns –  a double, a full, a half and a quarter Gold Sovereign – only 100 of these sets are being issued worldwide.

Approved by Buckingham Palace and officially endorsed by the Merchant Navy Association, the reverse design features a beautiful depiction of one of the U.S. built Liberty Ships that helped change the face of the war. The obverse also holds the Official Battle of the Atlantic Merchant Navy Association Anchor privy mark.