2023 Pitcairn Islands Early Postcards of Pitcairn Island Stamp Issue


First Day of Issue: 27.3.2023 Format: Landscape Stamp Size: 38.50mm x 30mm

Tower Mint is pleased to announce the release of the very first Pitcairn Islands stamps of 2023.  These stamps feature images from early postcards of Pitcairn Island and offer a glimpse into the past.

A historic first

These stamps are also the very first Pitcairn Islands stamps in over 70 years to be issued under a new monarch, and feature the cypher of King Charles III.

A fascinating story

Behind the images on the stamps also lies a fascinating story, the photographs featured on the postcards were all taken by a visitor to the Pitcairn Islands but the identity of the photographer remained a mystery for years, details of whom this mystery person was can be found in the informative presentation pack.

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Available on their own, on a First Day Cover or informative presentation pack, we are sure you will want to own this brand new issue, simply click on the button below or click here to see our full range of Pitcairn Islands stamps.